Lou Phelps ft. CJ Flemings, "My Forte"

Post Author: Andre G

Montreal rhymer Lou Phelps is still working on 001: Experiments, a project he’s described as “a compilation of music that I like and me experimenting things musically.” Such is the case on “My Forte,” his latest offering featuring CJ Flemings.
Rhymin’ “procrastination is my forte,” Phelps goes on a winding stream of consciousness on the 2-minute track produced by redhot soundscapist (and Phelps’ brother) Kaytranada. As Phelps jumps into his pocket while rhyming about rippin’ shows and flyin’ overseas, you hear a slightly stunted delivery that accentuates his technical command–without him having to rhyme for 2-minutes about his technical command. He has a lyrical dexterity and carefree presence that bodes well for sonic sojourn and makes his upcoming project one of the more intriguing releases to look out for as we head into Spring.
You can stream ”My Forte” below.