Lurve, “Simple Syrup”

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Get high on fructose, as Lurve premieres their caffeinated soda can-crusher, “Simple Syrup”. A band united by NY/CT punk and hardcore ties turned skateboard scuzz; you get the collective consisting of Justin from New Jersery's Dustheads, Mike and original drummer Dan from Connecticut's Guilty Faces and Rat Byte. Here their prior head banging-bashing-busting histories get sourced through the historic all-alternative-rock everything tubes as re-born power chord poppers, Lurve. The guitars are mammoth growlers, but the melody is paramount in delivery and execution. Or to put it in frontman Justin's words, “I'd only ever played in punk bands and noise bands and the like, and I just wanted to indulge in something that was more warm and melody-driven.”

“Simple Syrup” concocts the sound of summer delinquency, giving you a high spiking glucose sweetener companion for carbonated water turned soft drinks or ancient margarita mixings pilfered from dormant vacation houses. The active and effective ingredient aside from the scuzz sonics lies in the repackaging of guitar shredding defiance with the lyrical disaffection that helps to harmonize the noise into a united effervescence. “Sing myself to sleep from a tired melody . . . and every day it's just as lame, and oppurtunities they fade.” This is hopelessness hopped up on some dizzying guitar burst-heights of unchecked optimism.

Justin elaborated on the track's development, the DOM / Roomrunner connection, and more.

“'Simple Syrup' was recorded along with a whole slew of built up material by Dan Frome of Roomrunner, in the plush confines of the Copycat loft in Baltimore. Those tracks then lay dormant for uncomfortably long time until they finally came into the hands of our main man Erik Gunderson of DOM. Ourselves and Erik then proceded to cherry-pick the best cuts and mix the effin shit out of them. The final product will finally see the light of day as an LP in late August, via Cincinnati-based label Broken Circles.”

Catch Lurve performing with Gondola, Liam Finn, Railbird, Rifle Recoil, Rohypnotise, Scott and Charlene's Wedding for the Drunken Piano Northside launch party at Brooklyn's Big Snow Buffalo Lodge June 13.

Listen to their Northside Sampler here.