Lushlife, “Eyes Without A Face (demo)” (Billy Idol cover)

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Georges Franju’s 1960 French horror film Les Yeux Sans Visage or  Eyes Without A Face is probably not the at the top of an October marathon of scary movies list. It’s doubtful the local art theatre screens it over Rosemary’s Baby, you won’t get an invite to “Netflix HULU and chill*” to it, and its influence on many modern classics remains grossly understated. To be frank, Impose did not know about Eyes Without A Face until this week when Philly rapper Lushlife hit us up with a demo cover of Billy Idol’s eponymous single off 1983’s Rebel Yell.

Billy Idol and Lushlife join John Carpenter—inspiration for the Michael Myers mask—and John Woo on the list of people inspired by Franju’s film. Lushlife even suggests the Austrian horror film Goodnight Mommy, which is making viewers faint in the theatre, is influenced by the 1960 film.

Lushlife’s maximal cover of Idol’s ballad takes into account its era by subverting “Eyes Without A Face” with a classic 80s drum break. While the original was recorded with a drum machine, the Lushlife rework celebrates his Philly roots with a little “PSK, What Does It Mean?” influence for the booming systems. The demo arrives in time for the befitted holiday, perfect for costume party playlists, and ahead of Lushlife’s upcoming collaborative album with producer CSLSX, Ritualize.

Lushlife’s Ritualize is out February 16 on Western Vinyl and available for iTunes preorder.

*Eyes Without A Face is available to stream on HULU in the Criterion Collection and Lushlife highly suggests doing so.