Madlib blesses Strong Arm Steady with chance at success

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Like most of the artistic endeavors of Madlib, the new Strong Army Steady record Stoney Jackson was created in a smokey haze of mere months. My guess is Madlib is one of those rare stoners that get energetic from weed. It's the only explanation for his consistent out pour of beat tapes and the seemingly erratic recording of collaborative albums.

The first single “Money Right” features Defari, who sounds rejuvenated on the mic. It's good to know his job as a school teacher isn't wearing him down and he still writes rhymes.

Strong Army Steady, “Money Right” (feat. Defari)

Despite Strong Arm Steady being a trio and Stoney Jackson consisting of 16 songs, the press release describes the record as “brisk.” How this is possible is anybody's guess.

Guest appearances include Talib Kweli, Guilty Simpson, Little Brother’s Phonte and Planet Asia.

Stoney Jackson is out in the fall on Stones Throw Records