Maker vs. Now-Again

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maker vs. now-again

I once had an undying affinity for instrumental hip hop records. To me, it was the closest hip hop could get to being comparable to jazz. Resting atop my mountain of instrumental records was not Entroducing, nor Dead Ringer or some obscure Mush release, but Maker's Shooting The Breeze.

Released on Chicago indie-label Galapagos 4, it is unlike any other release in the label's catalog – even the collaboration records between Qwel and Maker do not compare. Modeled after Dante Carfagna's Express Rising, Shooting The Breeze is Maker's crowning achievement that he's yet to follow up, until now.

It's been five long years since Maker's last solo record, but I could not be more excited about his return on Stones Throw offshoot Now-Again. Following in the vein of Oh No's Oh No vs. Now-Again, Maker is challenging the label with his own versus record. Given his appearances on the second season of This American Life, the horror movie Trick 'r Treat and MTV's Buzzworthy and This Buried Life, some might be concern Maker is selling out.

I've listened to Maker vs. Now-Again and I can graciously assure you that Maker is the same old dude from Chicago. Timing at 57 minutes, this record is a lengthy burner perfect for a summer afternoon off work. Got a sick day to spare and feel like hitting the relax button on life? Maker has the soundtrack to that escape.

Maker vs. Now-Again is out now on, you guessed it, Now-Again.

Maker, “Come Home With Me”