Making sense of Mannequin Men

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I have a bad feeling that I'm going to come off sounding like a shill by saying this, but to really understand how the song “Cheryl Tiegs” fits in with everything else Mannequin Men does, you really have to listen to it within the context of their new self-titled album on Addenda Records to truly get it. To steal a term from their label, it's “garage-inflected,” in the way that it is rooted in angsty sounds of yesteryear, but there's this really interesting combination of Heartbreakers (the Johnny Thunders sort) sloppy mixed with 90s quiet instruments-over-dude-singing kinda thing. All while being firmly rooted in the sort of off-kilter beauty these Chicagoans have been producing for a few years now.

(Oh, and if you do decide to actually buy the physical record, it's technically a work of art because Gary Panter does the cover.)

Mannequin Men, “Cheryl Tiegs”