Marley Carroll live at Moogfest

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Marley Carroll Moogfest

Bummed that you didn’t get to go to this year’s Moogfest? Afraid you’ll never get a chance to hear a live set from producer/turntablist/all-around-electronic-maestro Marley Carroll? Fear not, because Carroll just posted his set from the electronic music festival in its entirety on Soundcloud.

The set, which was recorded live at the Emerald Lounge in Asheville, North Carolina (where Carroll somewhat uncoincidentally lives), features most of the song’s off Carroll’s newest record, Sings, including the groovy single “Speed Reader”—a perfect closer. The set also included a cover of the Little People remix of Carroll’s “First Thought, Best Thought”, whose track “Aldgate Patterns” Carroll just remixed for LP’s new remix album We Are But Hunks of Wood Remixes (for those keeping score at home, that means Carroll is doing a remix of someone who he covered doing a remix of himself for an album that’s being put together by that same producer, like some kind of sleight-of-hand magician but with beats). Always dancey and always fresh, Carroll's show is tight, energetic, and no doubt a highlight of the fest for those that were in attendance.

Hear Carroll’s electrifying set below.

First Thought, Best Thought
First Thought, Best Thought (Little People Remix)
Sonmi – Future 26 (Marley Carroll Remix)
The Hunter
Polish Ambassador – Oh Love (Marley Carroll Remix)
Water Drumming
Black Light
Speed Reader