Matt Cleare – “4000!”

Atlanta-based musician blends indie pop, R&B & alt-rock on stunning new single

Miami-born, Atlanta-based musician Matt Cleare has released “4000!”, the lead single from his upcoming EP Butterfly Twist!. Cleare is a multi-talented artist, a master at songwriting, producing, singing, and playing instruments – as well as a trained Muay Thai fighter. His music is a blend of genres, including indie pop, R&B, and alternative rock, and is inspired by his spiritual experiences and vision for the future.

Collaborating with industry professionals, Cleare worked with producer Teo Halm, who has worked with Beyoncé, Drake, SZA, and Omar Apollo, to produce “4000!”. Jochi Saca directed the accompanying music video, which features Cleare’s soulful vocals, stunning lyricism, catchy melodies, and smooth guitar-laden production. The song tells the story of a long-distance love that knows no bounds.

According to Cleare, “4000!” is one of those songs that came together naturally. It started in Teo’s home studio in West Hollywood, then Cleare took it back to Georgia and dreamt of it, trying to decide how to finish the dreamy lo-fi demo. He eventually finished the song in a log cabin in Maine, which had once belonged to Henry David Thoreau, and it became the biggest contributing piece of DNA for Butterfly Twist!.

“4000!” is available for streaming on all platforms and is the first taste for the upcoming EP, which promises to be an exciting addition to Cleare’s growing musical portfolio. You can watch the video for “4000!” below: