Matthew Connor, Night After Night

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Matthew Connor‘s critically acclaimed 2014 album Farewell Motel unveiled him as a particularly talents songwriter and performer. His most recent music video for the title track of his upcoming EP – out just last month – just so happened to be his directorial debut as well. So, as far as the world is concerned, raw talent bleeds from his fingers. The 4 track Night After Night EP is out today, and we’ve got the exclusive stream to get you in on this great work.

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Night After Night was inspired by the feeling of being stuck in a holding pattern,” explains Matthew. “Of always making the same mistakes, getting swept up in the same frustrations, of marking time in going-nowhere jobs and going-nowhere relationships.”

“Night After Night”, admittedly, is a synth pop dream replete with the deep, transfixing vocals unique to Matthew. It wreaks of heartbreak, and it’s a very real and beautiful wakeup call stemming from intense emotion. “Since We Landed” brings the rainy day material quite obviously to your fingertips, boasting the notable line, “It hasn’t stopped raining since we landed.” It’s “dripping” with very vivid detail, and you feel like you’re a part of the scene in the song itself. The third track, “Scarlet Four O’Clock”, has a more adrenaline-inducing sound to it, but at the same time could have easily been placed in a theatrical piece such as Moulin Rouge. (Close your eyes, you’ll know what I’m talking about.) “Batman & Robin” rounds out the EP, and we are sure it will be our favorite based on the title. It begins as if it will lead into a lullaby, much more tranquil than its predecessors. It has a very fairy tale background to part of it, and its unique sound affirms our first instincts about it.

The album is beautiful. The talent is palpable. Keep ’em coming.

Night After Night is out now.