Matthewdavid, Producers In 2012 Learn To Spread Love

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Matthewdavid, producers in 2012 learn to spread love

Matthewdavid's latest three-song collection comes with a polite suggestion for a title: Producers In 2012 Learn to Spread Love. Who this is directed towards, even in the most geniune and sweeping of proposals, is a tough call to make. Our Approved Theft column has been under-utilized in 2012, compared to the previous year, but we don't equate to a lack of love spread. Our is it not about free music, but free-thinking and expanding one's mind – like Rick James meditating with leopards – to discover the limitlessness of the craft?

Producers In 2012 Learn to Spread Love comes with no thesis statement. We simply have Matthewdavid linking up Felix Jackson Jr (who also did Matthewdavid's Jewelry tape art) for a mini-mix of chopped & screwed Rick James productions and the throwback Southern rap of Lil' Troy.

Download Matthewdavid's Producers In 2012 Learn to Spread Love at Brainfeeder.