Mayerling, “Pure as Gold”

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“Pure as Gold” is the latest track from Sylvain Bombled's Mayerling project. The transition from “rock 'n' roll” to sonic ambience is not an easy one, but it's something Sylvain does gracefully. Although only recently recorded between the months of January and April of this year, the Mayerling project had been in the works for several years before he finally determined to bring it to the light of day. Cut Up is the band's debut release, out on Hands in the Dark later this month.

“Pure as Gold” is the first track off the forthcoming record. It's a soothing piece, the synth and reverb effecting a dream-like atmosphere that's both stirring and eerie. The band hails from Besançon, France, and as Sylvain sings, he does so in both French and English, his voice oscillating between a pleading wail and a hushed whisper. “Pure as Gold” will be released on CD Digipack along with five other tracks in an edition of 200. Preview the song below.

Mayerling's Cut Up is due out May 14 on Hands in the Dark.