Members of Guerilla Toss and Bugs and Rats have some MEDS for you

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You know that crazy band with that crazy singer who does that crazy stuff with her voice for that band Guerilla Toss? That singer’s name is Kassie Carlson and when she’s not providing whimsical shrieking for G Toss, she’s making strange music with Shawnie Brando of another noisy New England outfit, Bugs and Rats. Under the pseudonym, MEDS, they’ve released a self-titled cassette of strange lo-fi synth and drum loops. Carlson still uses the half baby-talking, half sarcastic tone that we’ve become accustomed to in Guerilla Toss, but the dissonant drones only add to the off-kilter vocals, providing a sinister back drop to Kassie’s surrealist lyrics. Like a Poltergeist, she knows something about the creatures haunting us that we don’t.

You can stream “I Don’t Want to go to School” from their self-titled EP below. The limited editions cassette is available on their bandcamp.