Middle Children, "True"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Bloomington, Indiana-based Patrick Jennings (Hot New Mexicans, Purple 7) has created an entirely new music project under the moniker Middle Children. The project admittedly touches on a blend of genres, something that you might recognize easily in their new track, which we debut right now, a song titled “True”.
An attention-grabbing chord. A steady, simple beat. And then the vocals set in, and the initial comparisons to Wilco and Reigning Sound hold true. As Jennings talk/sings, the lyrics come alive in their simultaneous use of simplicity and specificity. His vocals are scratchy – almost pained when recalling emotion – and really make you feel something. After all, isn’t that a big goal for all of us? So turn it up, and get ready to feel.

Earth Angel will be out on March 3rd via Lets Pretend Records.