Midnight Faces Share New Track “Germanium”, Like Cats

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LA-based pop/rock trio Midnight Faces has been through some ch-ch-ch-changes in the past few years. Originally a duo, their lineup expanded with their 2013 release Fornication, a decision that the band feels rounded out their sound. The 5th song off their upcoming album Heavenly Bodies premieres right here, right now.

The beginning of “Germanium” sounds like it popped out of a John Hughes film, actually, and we’re not complaining. It breaks in with heavy synth and a classic pop beat, joined later by electric guitar riffs to round out the sound. You’re given this empowering feeling as you take in the lyrics, slow, deep, and captivating. The saxophone breakout toward the end of the song brings you back to reality, and you’re instantly back in that 80’s/90’s culture shock that original nabbed you at the beginning.

This song is made for long car rides when life has gotten too stressful to handle. Roll the windows down, take a deep breath. Transition is good.

Drummer Paul Doyle responded–quickly and hilariously–to some questions we threw their way in preparation for the upcoming album.

When did you decide that music was your calling in life?

Last Monday at 6.

At one point, you guys were collaborating from afar. How has the writing/recording process benefited since then?

Now we can all hold the same cats while we record.

Your album Heavenly Bodies is almost here. What does it feel like?

It feels like most other records- cardboard cover, a little bit waxy, made from vinyl. A little bit heavy, but like, not that heavy. Unless you are asking what the digital version feels like. In which case it’s empty and feels like nothing- same as my heart.

Do you have any fun anecdotes or secrets to share about each other from the recording of Heavenly Bodies?

Phil is actually not a human. I made him out of mud and straw and breathed life into him using an ancient form of Egyptian witchcraft.

What was the inspiration for “Germanium”, specifically?

Sadness. Specifically.

How do you imagine your fans listening to “Germanium”? 

Probably playing too quietly in a car that’s driving around some hip part of town while a girl talks over the track and tells her friends how this band is “pretty cool or whatever I guess but like whatever, did you hear Justin Bieber’s new song?!? Lol”

If your music had a spirit animal, what would it be and why?

Carlos the cat because no one knows who that is. (Yes I ended in a preposition because sometimes the English language is a fickle lover and you can’t play by all the rules if you want to be your own bear.)

What can we look forward to next from you guys?

Stomach ulcers that we’ll undoubtedly get from eating at Gus’s taco truck in the Chase parking lot every night of our lives.

Heavenly Bodies is out August 26th.