Mike Watson – Black and Blue

Being in a boy-band at a young age, can often become a fairly limited career path. Not so for UK Pop songwriter Mike Watson.

Since leaving his band after touring Japan, he’s grafted and developed a polished, contemporary pop sound that’s serving him well in 2018. One of the first steps, was to establish a YouTube fanbase for his diverse set of cover videos. Covering a number of the world’s biggest artists, he picked up fans among the likes of Anne-Marie and Martin Solveig – both of whom, showed their support in a series of tweets. His live career blossomed too, with an incredible experience as part of the support act for Maroon 5 and Magic!

After that, he began working with some key writers and producers for the likes of The Kaiser Chiefs and Little Mix, who took his undeniable songwriting talents to the next level. ollowing on from the rousing pop success of his first two singles, Mike returns with the sombre yet anthemic, “Black and Blue”. It’s Mike’s strongest piece of songwriting to date, with a stirring hook that encapsulates the sound of modern pop music in 2018. On the single Mike states:

Black and Blue is a bittersweet song and very personal to me. After releasing two upbeat tracks, I wanted to slow down the pace and show a different side to my music. It’s that feeling of breaking up with someone you still care a lot about, knowing deep down it’s the right thing. I think it’s a sentiment a lot of people can relate to