Miles Bonny, 'Let It Out' EP

Post Author: Andre G

Generally speaking, artists and producers converse way more than they produce. If you scroll past your timeline and see “let’s work,” figure that there’s something going down in the DMs—or not. Most of the banter may end up nowhere, but sometimes the interaction produces music — damn good music. That’s the case with Miles Bonny’s Let It Out EP, a gorgeous project bore from an email exchange between he and R&B artist Ta-Ku.

Their work on several tracks turned into a full EP, full of lush, jazz-infused soul songs focused on navigating life and yearning for more — whatever that is. From sparkling tracks like “I’ll Be Here For You” to the down-home feel of “So Hard,” Bonny uses the canvas to wax on the balance between fatherhood, a relationship, and career with artistry. He and Ta-Ku struck the perfect balance on Let It Out, a cathartic work brimming with the kind of humility and passion for the craft that gains diehard fans.

You can stream Let It Out below and purchase here.