Milo, “Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc” (For Schopenhauer)

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Anticon might have told Milo to C&D after Milo Takes Baths, but his rapper friendships with Busdriver and Open Mike Eagle earned him a contract with Nocando's LA imprint Hellfyre Club. He brought a doozy to his first official record by piecing together a double EP produced entirely by Analog(ue) Tape Dispenser and Riley Lake that assesses the scale's tilt between the things that happen at night versus the things that happen at day[sic].

As Milo burrows deeper into his academics, his references have expanded from the Infinite Jest pages of David Foster Wallace to the Parerga and Paralipomena collections of Arthur Schopenhauer. The Latin title, “Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc”, translates to “after this, therefore because of this”, which in layman's can be explained as false cause or coincidental correlation. Still baffled? Well, keep in mind it's a logical fallacy. Milo's “Post Hoc…” appears on the Things At Night side of the EP, giving it distilled 2 a.m. fragility and concerns in disappointing one's parents. Milo is personal journaling through “Post Hoc…” touching on thoughts as they creep up like what naming himself after a fictional character says about his mental health and if writing his brother Rob another song will bring further redemption. In all its defeatist woes, Milo settles the score on “Post Hoc…” by turning the Latin phrase into a sacred incantation sung above a growing hum of white noise.

Milo's Things That Happen At Day // Things That Happen At Night double EP is out January 1, 2013 on Hellfyre Club.