Mimi Raver, '06 Female

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

Mimi Raver‘s debut LP ’06 Female, is four songs recorded on a reel to tape machine that are lo fi, distant and dreamy. Inspired by the story of the ’06 female, the famous wolf of Yellowstone who was accidentally shot and killed by a hunter, this record is shrouded in mysterious and poetic songwriting. The record is difficult to classify, borrowing sounds from Raver’s background as a jazz musician, dream pop and folk music. Raver’s lyrics, when matched with her bluesy vocals and talent as a multi instrumentalist, create songs like paintings. ’06 Female is a smoky bar or coffee shop late at night. After 4 songs the Los Angeles-based musician leaves you asking questions, wondering what’s next.

’06 Female, Mimi Raver’s debut self-released LP, is streaming exclusively on IMPOSE now. Keep up with Mimi here.