Minor Poet, "Plot Devices"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Based in Richmond, VA, Minor Poet fuses a variety of influences together to express his musical tendencies. With hints of classic 60s groups like The Beach Boys and The Zombies, Minor Poet is the creation of Andrew Carter. Recording all elaborate parts of his first album, “Plot Devices” is just a glimpse into the exquisite work we can expect from him. It’s a welcomed look into Carter’s mind, listening like a cheery summer day spent at camp.
His self-conscious lyrics are juxtaposed by the joy the instrumentals contain– a relatable combination of worry and sheer happiness. Interestingly enough, Carter’s journey with the track was a rather strenuous one. As he explained, “Musically, the song has a certain weight that I’m proud of. It’s a dense song, with over 30 tracks, including a 70’s-era Lowry organ, a toy casio, six guitar tracks and fourteen vocal tracks. Considering this was all recorded in my basement with bargain bin mics and a hand-me-down half-broken sound board, it’s a miracle it turned out to be listenable, much less the first single.” Quite the contrary, Carter– “Plot Devices” is a stand out single, and one that we’ll have stuck in our head for a few weeks.

Upcoming Shows:
4/6 Richmond, VA @ Flora w/ Bonus Roll
5/21 Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5 w/ Laser Background
“Plot Devices” is part of an album set to come out later this year. Keep up with Minor Poet here.