DJ Fletch + Lil Boosie, Bad

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Did you know that Jay Z pushed up the release of The Blueprint 3 so he wouldn't have to compete with Boosie's Super Bad, which comes out September 15? That might be rumor-mongering from the Impose camp, but let's go with it. That album is going to be a heater and everyone should be terrified to go up against it, if this new DJ Fletch mixtape filled with new Bad Azz material is any indication. I almost forgot how energetic a rapper Boosie can be over any beat. Download this tape then go set up a tent outside of some torrent site and await the album!

Lil Boosie, Crayola

Lil Boosie, Dopeman

Download DJ Fletch and Lil Boosie's Bad here.

Bad Tracklist:
01 Lil Boosie – Chase The Paper (Feat. UGK)
02 Lil Boosie – Back In The Day
03 Lil Boosie – Bullshit
04 Lil Boosie – Fire (Feat. Twista)
05 Lil Boosie – It Aint A Dream (Feat. Webbie)
06 Lil Boosie – Nobody (Feat. Bobby Valentino)
07 Lil Boosie – Better Believe It (Feat. Young Jeezy & Webbie)
08 Lil Boosie – Crayola
09 Lil Boosie – Ballin & Shinin
10 Lil Boosie – Doin Our Thang (Feat. Hurricane Chris)
11 Lil Boosie – Dopeman
12 Lil Boosie – For My Hood (Feat. Drop)
13 Lil Boosie – Like Me
14 Lil Boosie – Halle Berry (Remix)
15 Lil Boosie – 36 O's (Feat. Yung LA)
16 Lil Boosie – How We Do It (Feat. Webbie)
17 Lil Boosie – Loose As A Goose (Feat. Foxx)
18 Lil Boosie – J Walk (Feat. Jibbs & Kool Kid Kat)
19 Lil Boosie – Juug Girl (Feat. Suga Suga)
20 Lil Boosie – It Aint My Fault (Feat. Novakane)