Mixtape: Drake, The Drought Is Over: Friends with Money

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Earlier this week I posted Drake's So Far Gone mixtape three months late and it was the most humiliating experience of my life. At the Internet Rap Bloggers' weekly meeting Eskay demoted me from a “Chandler” status mixtape poster all the way down to a mere “Pheobe”. Needless to say, I was devastated. Being a blogger means that I get everything first and share it when it's hot, and with that tape I slept hard.

But never again.

Today I bring you Drake's new mixtape, Friends with Money, right on time and boy, is it worth a listen. I'm telling you, get to learn this guy's name because he was on his way up in February and he's staying up there in May. As for me, what's halfway between a Pheobe and a Chandler?

Drake,”Friends with Money”

Download the whole mixtape (right on time) here.

Drake, Friends with Money track list
01 Drake Speaks
02 Good Night, Good Luck
03 Uptown (Original )
04 Drake Speaks
05 She Just Wanna Dance
06 Overdose On Life
07 I Want Dis 4 Eva
08 Friends With Money
09 President Freestyle
10 Get Like Me
11 Still Drake
12 What Im Thinking Right Now
13 Girl Let Me
14 Every Girl
15 Closer To My Dreams (Original)
16 Successful
17 Smile
18 Can't Hide From Love Freestyle
19 Cannon Ball
20 Best I Ever Had
21 Take You Down Freestyle
22 Enjoy Yourself
23 November 14th (Chuck Inglish Remix )
24 Im Goin In