Modern Crowds, "Closer"

Post Author: Mike Mehalick

It’s rare that you run into a debut, self-released rock record that is as diverse as it is fully formed. Such is the case with NJ-based rockers Modern Crowds‘ forthcoming, eponymous LP which blends a range of influences that have been masterfully working 60,000 plus festival fields for years.
In short, the band comprised of Joe Pellegrinelli (lead vox, rhythm guitar) Adam Baczkowski (backing vox, lead guitar), Doug Gatta (bass) and Charlie Kupilik (drums) have taken their time in crafting a huge sound that any fan of pure rock can get lost in. Case and point, Modern Crowds’ latest single, “Closer,” which premieres here today.

The rollicking tune rides some towering alt-rock riffing running a steady pace until bursting at the chorus with powerful, waves crashing rhythms. Along with the previously released “I Don’t Mind,” it’s clear that Modern Crowds have the engine and chops to chase those festival fields.
Pellegrinelli details:

I actually came up with the idea for ‘Closer’ on an acoustic guitar, but the song really erupted once Doug, Charlie and I jammed on it together. Once we brought it to Adam he recorded some tasty leads and there the demo was. We experimented a little bit sonically on this one in the studio, but it is primarily a rock tune. Our producer Paul had the idea to live track the drums, guitar and bass, and I think that really emphasizes the grittiness of the song.
In terms of lyrics, it’s a breakup song. More so than any of our other tracks to date, this one comes from a place of anger and frustration. I was in that angry but also vulnerable post-breakup place and this song definitely makes that clear by the time the first chorus lyrics hit. The song ends however, on a more positive note lyric-wise. The second chorus line ‘Is this all there is left?’ is kind of a turning point in the song and in the end it kind of becomes about accepting all the experiences and feelings you’ve had (whether positive or negative) while also looking ahead to the future.

Modern Crowds is out July 28th via self-release. Pre-orders are ongoing here. The band will celebrate on release day with a show at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ.