Modern Mal, "S.O.S."

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

Modern Mal makes nostalgic Americana that sounds like it comes straight out a road trip in the ’60s. Their new track “S.O.S.” opens sweetly, we hear some dreamy vocals from Brooks Robbins, one half of the duo. Things take their time, eventually, Rachel Brooke chimes in, telling us not to worry about the way things are. The duo is waiting for love. The present situation  is sad but eventually things will get better.
Says Brooke about the release:

What we love about certain songwriters is their ability to say a lot, without an excess of wording. Writers like Fats Domino, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams could convey a feeling or mood without having to say much at all. S.O.S. was Brooks’ attempt at writing a “pop” song using that same method. Brooks wrote this song about me, actually, which makes it sort of personal and extra sad from my perspective. But It’s about moving on from someone who you thought loved you as much as you loved them. The layered harmonies at the end are intense. I think we have 10 different vocal tracks going on there.

“S.O.S.” is full of gorgeous slide guitar and easy going drums and bass. It’s a track that nods it head to the era of Sweetheart Of The Rodeo and The Gilded Palace Of Sin. When you hear “S.O.S” you feel like you’re going off into the sunset. And it feels so nice.

Modern Mal‘s debut record The Misanthrope Family Album, comes out May 12th. Keep up with them here.