Monkey King's La lune se cache derriere la montagne

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Monkey King La lune se cache derriere la montagne album art

Monkey King is not going to open for Dirty Projectors anytime soon, though it does number that band's drummer.

Ongakubaka surfaced with a mind-scraper release by Monkey King, a duo consisting of Dirty Projector's Will Glass along with Philippe Lambert of the similarly electronic-bomb blasted Goa.

This tape, the band's first official release, features long, scattered jams that recall the Kieran Hebden/Steve Reid releases as much as its self-proclaimed affinity with “Ash Ra Tempel playing an Atari 2600 in an animal spirit possession ceremony.” Fasten your helmet for pentatonic meditations, full-body meltdowns, and a few beats you can shake a foot at.

Monkey King, “La lumière brule tes yeux” (Excerpt)