Moon Honey, “Self-Portrait Beneath Woman's Mask”

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moon honey

The genre descriptor of “psychedelia” can mean many things. Most often, a few blazing shreddy guitar solos and a meandering melody is enough to label things as such, but a smart listener will look for something more. In the case of psychedelic freakrock group Moon Honey, depth is the name of the game. Whether it's in the heightened lyrics—”When Edvard was sixteen, he beamed through the flap of a mask” references painter Edvard Munch as a teenager—or the restless path of the songs, Moon Honey is utilizing the psychedelic adjective to good purpose, giving us something in the veins of both Dirty Projectors and Deerhoof but with a side of Yes and Joni Mitchell. The track from their upcoming record, Hand-Painted Dream Photographs, shows that tightness and purpose can break the mold of standard 60s-inflected guitar folk, and Moon Honey is not kidding around.

You can stream “Self-Portrait Beneath Woman's Mask” here, then watch it's accompanying video below. The band has a recently announced Kickstarter plan for preorders of the new record, which you can get to through this link.