Moss of Aura is one man's future island

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Moss of Aura J. Gerrit Welmers

The coming day of reckoning in Brooklyn will feature an amazing way to end your time on this planet. If May 21 brings the apocalypse, it's hard to think of a better way to celebrate it than partying with Dan Deacon and Janka Nabay. Nestled between the two however, might be a name you're not quite as familiar with. Not to worry, he'll have you dancing as if it's the end credits to a John Hughes film.

Moss of Aura is the solo project of J. Gerrit Welmers, one-third of the Baltimore mood slingers Future Islands. Welmers is the man behind the synths, and it's pretty easy to categorize MoA as the singular incarnation of what he does for Future Islands. Wrapping the warm vibes around minimalist organ-ic beats, one has to assume he's been brainwashed by countless 80s movies makeout scenes. Someone needs to tell him the end is nigh, maybe he should start researching all of those post-apocalyptic 80s movies.

Moss of Aura, “Swilling”

Moss of Aura, “Crush”