Mother's Mixes

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These are songs we grew up listening to because they were our moms favorites.
Linda Ronstadt – “Different Drum”
Fleetwood Mac – “Think About Me”
Patsy Cline – “Walkin After Midnight”
Tammy Wynette – “Stand By Your Man”
The Judds – “Grandpa”
Linda Ronstadt – “You're No Good
Loretta Lynn – “Coal Miner's Daughter”
Patsy Cline – “I Fall to Pieces”


The Shirelles – “Mama Said”
Etta James – “Tell Mama”
Jackson 5 – “Mama's Pearl”
The Rolling Stones – “Mothers Little Helper”
Frank Zappa + The Mothers – “My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama”
Bob Dylan – “It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding”
Danzig – “Mother”
Tears for Fears – “Mothers Talk”
2 Live Crew – “Hoochie Mama”
2 Pac – “Dear Mama”


Since it was mother's day I asked my Mom to do a playlist.
Robert Palmer – “Simply Irresistible”
Adele – “Rolling in the Deep”
ZZ Top – “Legs”
Boston – “Rock 'n' Roll Band”
Carrie Underwood – “Before He Cheats”
Alice Cooper – “Poison”
Lover Boy – turn me loose
38 Special – “Hold on Loosely”
The Eagles – “Take it Easy”
“Three Dog Night – “Just an Old Fashioned Love Song”

Sister Crayon

I basically tried to make a mix that I could envision my own mother and I driving on the freeway, blasting songs in the car. Ever since I can remember, my mother has always loved soul music (Al Green, Bill Withers, Led Zep). One of my earliest musical memories was listening to Al Green with her while I watched her make sun tea in our kitchen. And of course, early Mariah Carey reminds me of my mother (how could it not?).

Dustin Wong

Emily Wells

I often do make mixes for my mom. I try to choose things I think she would like, both musically and conceptually. Sometimes I push it a little (like when I made her a rather extensive selection of Biggie Vs. Sinatra Mash ups. It was, however in response to her wanting to know what this hip hop I was so into was all about, and who was this Notorious I was getting so much attention for covering??). She spent some time in Africa, so I often try to expose her to the African musicians I’ve gotten turned onto. She’s into deep lyrics, and a focus on vocals, (but no yelling!) and is quite visual when it comes to listening. Sometimes she gets pumped when she driving or cleaning house. That’s my favorite.
1. Hymne a L'Amour – Edith Piaf
2. Circlesong 1 – Bobby McFerrin
3. Travelin' Thru – Dolly Parton
4. Daughter – Loudon Wainwright III
5. What The Water Gave Me – Florence + The Machine
6. Antonia June – Lightning Dust
7. Monkey Shines – Timmy Straw
8. Dicholo – Ayub Ogada, Gavyn Wright & London Session Orchestra
9. Try Me (LP Version) – Esther Phillips
10. The Gal from Joe' -Nina Simone
11. Look At Miss Ohio – Gillian Welch
12. God Bless the Child – Billie Holiday
13. Summertime – Sam Cooke
14. Grits – RZA
15. My guy – Warpaint
16. Rosebush Inside – Sean Hayes
17. Babylon – Mountain Man