Going deep with Soars

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Soars' gauzy pop ballads will soon enjoy a full length release on La Societe Expeditionnaire. Try out “Figurehead“, a song off their record, as the Lehigh Valley-based four-piece set us straight on the number of people in their band, and waxes philosophical on some non sequiturs.

Much like Radiohead, there are five of you in this band. Does that mean you all play normal instruments and don't loop or play samples or use drum machines? Don't you think that's kind of old fashioned?

There are four active members in Soars and two samplers. Meat based samplers have been around for millions of years, mechanical samplers hundreds of years, synthesizing samplers forty years. Old is relative. Fashion is dead.

One of the songs on your record is called “The Sun Breaks Every Way But One”. Which way does the sun not break?


I looked up Lehigh Valley on Google Maps and then I looked it up on Wikipedia and it is basically the halfway-point between Scranton and New York. Would you say you are channeling the fictional paper companies of Pennsylvania, or perhaps the vast Pennsylvania wildernesses and golf courses, the strip malls and normal actual malls? Or would you say you're pretty much a New York band?

We are a Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania band. We channel pain, ugliness, hope, beauty. We are in no proximity physically or spiritually to New York.

Who would you bet on to win in a fight, Bad Moon Rising-era Lee Ranaldo or Music for Airports-era Brian Eno?

Eno, of course.

If there was a lineup of all your idols, and you had to choose, who would you kill first?

We would kill no one. The idols are gone and all of us are in the process of dying. But since time is not linear, we are all dead. So the act of killing is pointless. Yet when your hands are around your best friend's neck, it makes you want to kill all your idols for merely existing.

Do you want four walls and an adobe slab for your girls, or are you more concerned with other things?

We'd settle for solid souls.

Favorite movie scores?

Amadeus, Wings Of Desire, Poltergeist, Paris Texas.