Mr. Dream's “Fancy Things”

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It's hard for Mr. Dream to make it out the door in the morning without the wife reminding him he can't have cake and write about it too, but he just flips his coat behind his back, clicks his heels together and jumps in his 1996 Jetta to blast Repeater.

You see, Mr. Dream is a trio consisting of writer-musicians Nick Sylvester (ex-Pitchfork/Village Voice, Riff Market/Perineum, drums), Adam Moerder (Pitchfork, guitar and vocals), and Matt Morello (bass).

They got some Stereo love last week for a song off their second release, the No Girls Allowed EP, and now here's another taste from that excellent, Super-charged chunk of reviva-post-punk.

Mr. Dream, “Fancy Things”

Mr. Dream, “Knuckle Sandwich”

Some background from Mr. Sylvester:

“Mr. Dream formed in April 2008 after a Jay Reatard concert in Greenpoint. We took some time to practice our instruments and learn how to write rock songs and (generally speaking) cut our losses embarrassment-wise, then started playing out last year.”

And they play to this very day. Check them out at Bruar Falls on March 18.