Mumblr, “Roach”

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mumblr full of snakes

To make one thing clear, Mumblr do in fact have a Tumblr. Now let’s get down to the business at hand: the Philly four-piece just released a fantastic new track called “Roach.” The second single off their upcoming debut full length, Full of Snakes, “Roach” is a three minute smorgasbord of nineties greatest hits: there’s a little Pumpkins, a little Failure, a little Pixies, and it all works so well. That’s all built on a Bad History Month sounding riff, though, so, as would be expected from such illustrious company, the song is a pretty brutal meditation on fathers and sons. But that chorus: that chorus is a mega-chorus. Full of Snakes is out September 16 on Fleeting Youth Records. Stream “Roach” below.