Mux Mool reprises Drum EP with number 2

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Mux Mool, <i>Drum EP 2</i>x

This one's more of an Approved Stream than a full on Theft, but stay in the cloud both digitally and figuratively for the latest six track release from Mux Mool, Drum EP 2, a collection of airy beat abstractions that we're composed entirely at 30,000 feet, as the opening announcement to shut his laptop and other electronic devices off during take off duly notes.

The release came out last week on Ghostly International and is a conceptual follow-up to his 2007 Drum EP, a release that Mux Mool assembled in a similarly confined situation, only that time instead of a tray table the beatsmith confined himself to his bedroom and one track a day for a week.

The EP is streaming non-embeddable over at Soundcloud.

One can purchase the digital EP here.

Drum EP 2 tracklist
01 Flying Dreams
02 Hypercolor ADD
03 Heart Attacker
04 The Hundred Dollar Beat
05 Jen And Soda
06 Lazy Soul