Negative Scanner, “Ambitious People”

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Chicago’s 4-piece Negative Scanner grew out of members Rebecca Flores’ and Tom Cassling’s previous band, Tyler Jon Tyler, which split in 2012. They brought bassist Nick Beaudoin and guitarist Matt Revers on board to flesh out what would become the cannonball of sound on the recently released single, “Ambitious People”. In its under-two-minute packaging, it’s a brash and scabby force field of sincere punk energy, grounded in a powerful chorus and demonstrating the focus needed not to lose the reigns. Comparisons to The Wipers, The Sound, and The Fall are well-deserved.

The single comes out on vinyl in a limited press via Trouble in Mind Records August 26, also housing tracks “Evening News” and “R.I.P.”. Stream “Ambitious People” below, and look out for their full-length in 2015.