Neo Boys, “Give Me The Message”

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neo boys

Neo Boys were a staple of the Portland post-punk scene in the late 70s and early 80s, and though we get tired of saying it, the fact that they were all women and opening for bands like Television (on their first show!) and Nico later, is important to note during the time they were playing. K Records has collected—to the best of their ability—the fruitful history of Neo Boys' tracks into one double LP package, and the first track they're unveiling is “Give Me The Message”, a to-the-point lo-fi delivery that demands as it crunches. Neo Boys were no soft band, by any means, and their heft comes from their scrappiness. You can tell this track was put to tape fast and hard, when the band would have rather been out playing shows and taking names. A brazen beginning for their reissue, Sooner or Later, that is sure to introduce us to a vibrant, Northwest punk history.

Sooner or Later will release through K Records/Mississippi Records on October 15, preorders for which are here.