Nervous Trend, “Shattered”

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Nervous Trend

Nervous Trend’s demo was one of my favorites of 2013; this group from Perth, Australia makes propulsive, powerful dark post-punk that doesn’t sound overly indebted to any one particular vein from the past, instead choosing to take careful influences and urge them forward on the death-rock/peace-punk axis. I’ve always loved Jen Mace (of Permaculture‘s) vocals (in any band she’s in), which are particularly suited to soar over these kind of blissed-out, chorused-out guitars and chattering, jumpy percussion. Unlike many of their dour, forgettable also-ran peers, Nervous Trend know how to write a hook, and “Shattered” in particular is built to lodge perniciously in one’s head. Welcome in the gloom.

“Shattered b/w Decency” is available on 7-inch record and by download from Black Wire Records (Australia) and Residue Records/Schwarma Records (US).