Sunny Day in Glasgow, “Ashes Grammar” + “Ashes Maths”

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It's not officially out until September 15, but A Sunny Day in Glasgow's sophomore album Ashes Grammar is an exciting one-uppance of 2007's Scribble Comic Journal. It didn't take a massive recalculation of songwriting or sound-scape; the 22 (yep!) tracks on the new release share much of the drenched female vocals and feathery guitar tones that recalled Kate Bush and Cocteau Twins on their first album. But there's really no comparing the expansiveness of the recording quality or the range of tonal experiments exhibited in the new album. The first track, for instance, claims to be a tribute to Arvo Part. And then there's that interview where Daniels cites acid house music pioneers KLF as an important influence… Until more tracks surface (or you can buy the whole thing), here's the lead-off leak track, the title sequence, between “Ashes Grammar” and “Ashes Maths.”

A Sunny Day in Glasgow, “Ashes Grammar” + “Ashes Maths”

Recording in a rural dance studio in New Jersey: