Nicholas Hunt, "I'll Do Whatever"

Post Author: Andre G

Nicholas Hunt’s dreamy “I’ll Do Whatever” is seemingly tailor made to be soaring through the speaker on cool summer nights, amidst a reprieve from the swelter. The Virginia-based rhymer/singer dispenses his harmonious dexterity over the pitter-pattering 808s of the track produced by Calev. As the warm organ and synth play tuft about, Hunt strays from pretension by quipping “someone told me I was supposed to be deep.”
He then begins to croon his most earnest musings on love with a palpable zest. Hunt delivers a direct message to the woman in his heart, who this particular track was written for. He speaks on the kind of world he wants to bring his kids into. He speaks on his aspirations to travel the world, with her in tow.
Hunt has described the track as one of his “more surprising” offerings of late, an uptempo departure from his more methodical wheelhouse. Still, his melodious mastery is intact, and the track is a wonderful harbinger of what he may have in store.
You can stream “I’ll Do Whatever” below.