No Joy, “Hollywood Teeth”

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No Joy complete a trilogy of singles and further establish their unique sound with the unveiling of “Hollywood Teeth”, off their forthcoming More Faithful LP, out June 9 on Mexican Summer. The Montreal band, usually affiliated with the tonal destruction of louder schools of shoegaze, continue exploring musicality among tastefully fuzzy proportions of these new tracks. The noised-out, effectual beauty of the previously revealed “Everything New” and the wondrous quietude of “Moon in my Mouth” are stretched and reshaped in the outset driving rhythms, distraught guitars, and hazy, weighted bass of “Hollywood Teeth”. Punk drumbeats and spatial guitar tones charge at each other, but rather than clashing, they merge seamlessly into one beautifully amoebic being—an immediate creation of invisible environment where only the most brilliant vocal harmonies to survive. Melodies go from sternly commanding in the verse to a skyrocketing breakaway in the aerial chorus, ending in a flutter, delayed guitar closing out the track with simple arpeggios in a one-two rhythmic pattern that epitomizes No Joy’s shapeshifting sound.