Noisebody, “Condition”

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Noisebody, the synth driven three-piece from Brooklyn, NY by way of Louisville, KY, has released the first single from their upcoming as yet untitled 6-song EP to be released later this year. Entitled “Condition”, the track is a sultry, synthy ode to New York City and its effect on those caught in its enchanting spell of dreams both fulfilled and deferred. Recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn last December, the song is a shimmering confection with a pop sensibility that belies a maturity in its lyrics and musicianship.

Noah Barker, Noisebody’s founder and de facto leader, has an earnest vocal style that gives the track an authenticity and sense of voyeurism, as if the listener is overhearing some familial conversation of fear and concern happening just outside their door. The overall instrumentation is a blend of organic and electronic tones as Justin Heaverin’s drums and Sean Liljequist’s bass join with Barker’s vibrant synths to create a sweaty, swirling song that beckons the listener to chase their dreams in New York City, even if that means losing themselves in the process.

To be sure, the siren song of NYC has been the subject of many a tune before, but Barker isn’t just focused on taking a bite out of the Big Apple on “Condition.” Instead, he and Noisebody craft an opulent opus that paints every sharp angle and every sexy curve of New York as seen by those drawn to and afraid of all that lurks in the Big City’s shadows where even the brightest of lights do not reach.

“Condition” is the first single off of Noisebody’s upcoming EP to be released this year. Follow Noisebody on  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, and on their website at