Now it's All Hallow's Eve

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So, basically… Halloween is my favorite holiday. I guess that might be rather cliché these days, but fuck it. Halloween rules.

So, in celebration of this creepy ass, dark, fucking badass, horror-movie-guts-and-gore-fueled holiday, I am offering up a small “split” release from my Gremlynz and Malibu Wands projects. Sure, they're both just me, by myself, in my bedroom making weird shit, but whatever.

Gremlynz is a deep drone zone, rickety wood in some frantic wind type vibes, while Malibu Wands is a swirling distortion cloud great for amping at loud volume to piss off the neighbors. Ideally, you would put this on your iPod, or if you really wanted to go the distance, you'd just dub it onto cassette, and then walk to your nearest abandoned asylum or the former residence of recently executed serial killer from your surrounding area.

The Gremlynz track “Cave Swag,” will set the mood with some pale, bummer ghost vibes. Watch out though, these tones are intentionally set to make you feel uncomfortable. It should get your head-space right, as you look behind your back at every gurgle or snapping branch, the cool October air pressing against your cheeks. Ohhh shit, you scared now.

“Ritual Smoke,” the Malibu Wands track starts with the same, distant dreary tones before launching out of some unruly psycho-delic fuzz creature's backbone. Basically some fucked up shit is ahead of you, your basement is haunted, there's a demon under your bed. That demon will eat you from the inside out. Just saying. Gross, dilapidated, drunken frost fumes blasting from you earbuds, creeping into your brain. I hope it's mildly unbeareable.

SNAG IT… Happy Halloween you party monsters.