Oceans Are Zeroes, "Some Stay Young"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Boise, Idaho has more to brag about than their humdrum potatoes. (If you were thinking we would mention a band from Idaho without talking about potatoes, you have been proven incorrect.) Indie rock collective Oceans Are Zeroes is getting ready to drop their self-titled 10 track work on the world next month, and we’ve got the exclusive premiere of their new single “Some Stay Young”.
A track that oozes turn of the century rock all over its guitars – Did anyone else think we were going to open up a bag of Angels & Airwaves toward the beginning? -, “Some Stay Young” boasts practiced, lightweight vocals and a stunning melody that could easily turn any spring-chasing human into a tailspin. One thing is clear: this track is a must for your party and kickback playlists.
Joesph Lyle had quite a bit to say about the track.

You know when you fall asleep and slip into a dream that feels so real… a dream in which you fall in love night after night all over again, only to wake up and realize it was only a dream? Then you’re left only with a choice…a choice to surrender to the crippling grip of nostalgia which can age even the most joyful of souls, or to press forward and learn again to live young. Some stay young, some grow old. I just wanna grow young no matter what happens.

Oceans Are Zeroes is out April 14th. Keep up with the guys here.