Octo Octa, “Cause I Love You”

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Octo Octa

New England house maestro Octo Octa has released a new monster track off his third 12″ release from 100% Silk. Without being heavy-handed, its many percussive tentacles quickly envelop you as they pile on layer after thick layer of ambient disco pulse. One vocal sample repeats throughout, shouting the track's title; it constitutes the one unchanging detail in what feels like an endless whirlpool of resplendent sound. You don't need a dancefloor to be transported to where Octo Octa wants to take you, just a quiet place to come down after it's over.

“Cause I Love You” is the lead track off the 12″, out on 100% Silk. Stream all six-and-a-half minutes of it below.