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Richmond, VA's Ohbliv has a quiet prolificity in beatmaking. He's graced our ears at random, in those rare moments when we wonder if dude has new music and we spend an hour catching up on his Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages. Perhaps it's the hermetic distance Richmond has from our stomping grounds? As it stands, Culture Dealer is the sole purveyor in Ohbliv music, releasing the Freekbeat Cs last year. We'd like to take a moment to encourage other tape-based labels to offer Ohbliv a physical outlet, so that we may add to our collection.

To tide everyone over, Ohbliv gave us some insight into his life at 30 years of age. His Friday Night mix revolves around smooth jams, the sort you hear around 10 p.m. on a local FM station that's turned the DJ duties over to a guy who insists people place the words “Soul Brother” in front of his name while on air. He's the DJ that says 'damn the radio ideal of 3-minute songs', and plays a slow jam with 6-minutes of a forgotten R&B singer speaking to his lady about the heartbreak she put him through and how he can't forget the time she did that thing that rock his world, but curse you woman for breaking him. That particular song is not on Ohbliv's mix, but you'll soon hear what we mean. Ohbliv offered the following words on his mix:

I remember a time when I was younger and I always used to joke with my friends “when I'm 30+ I'm gonna be listening to artist like Pat Metheny. Well the funny thing is that I am now 30 and I'm listening to that kind of music. So this a mellow mix which represents what i'm currently listening to from smooth jazz, fusion, and modern soul. Add a few unreleased tracks and that's what makes up this grownmanmix.

Ohbliv, “Friday Night: Grown Man Mix”

For more grown sounds from Ohbliv peruse his Bandcamp.

Grown Man Mix Tracklisting:
Arthur Petrorio – cosmosmos
centerfold – I don't know
kaiya – scandalous
ohbliv – unreleased loop
Gene Dunlap – They'll never be another
Joao Donato – Cola Boca Menino
Key and Cleary – I'm a man
Mara do Nascimento – conversa
Deon Estus – Heaven Help me
Twilight – You look so good
Elaine Elias – Barefoot
Ohbliv – Unreleased