Open Mike Eagle, “Late Show”

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Open Mike Eagle introduced his Dark Comedy album, the first of three to be released on Mello Music Group, with “Dark Comedy Morning Show” produced by Toy Light. After touring the U.S. with his Mike Eagle Show and launching a podcast entitled Secret Skin, the LA rapper has graduated from the wake-up commuter demographic to late night television on “Late Show”.

Produced by Exile, “Late Show” alters Toy Light’s original production on “Dark Comedy Morning Show” ever-so-slightly so that Mike Eagle can make the smooth transition to join the ranks of Kimmel, Letterman, and Fallon—a move he sabotages immediately by dropping an f-bomb. For Mike Eagle the promotion is about selling out becoming a Spotifyer and endorsing the Spin Doctors. It’s the debut episode written as a gigantic monologue purge of every incriminating thought, bleak visionary prediction, and crippling reality that has weighed heavy on Open Mike Eagle’s conscious. It’s his “I’m Mad As Hell and I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore” tirade episode heavily dosed in apathy.

Open Mike Eagle’s Dark Comedy is out now on Mello Music Group and streaming on the label’s Bandcamp. Mike Eagle is touring Europe for the first time. Dates below: