Open Mike Eagle, “Middling”

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Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle has a doctorate in art rap and a masters in dissing the ever-loving hell out of you. His latest thesis on why you suck is entitled, “Middling”.

“Middling” is a track for those privy to the Bill Murray and Chevy Chase feud stemming from a SNL backstage brawl, which ended with the two being restrained from one another and Murray delivering a deceptively crushing and infamous final verbal blow, “medium talent”. Open Mike Eagle does not think you're the worst thing to happen to rap, since the previously worse thing. He recognizes that being an MC takes skills developed through dedication to the craft, which you can't fake. He also recognizes how low the ceiling is for you and that the sky is not on the limit, but far from an option.

Produced by Quelle Chris, “Middling” could reduce a rapper with the thickest of skin to a weeping mess. It's one thing to be humiliated for lack of sexual prowess, effiminate tendencies, and a coward's reputation in the neighborhood, but rappers are trained to endure jabs of that variety. No one expects to be belittled with, “you're whole style's all butter knife / you make Jack McBrayer look like a gutter snipe” and “you sit at home and watch Boogie Nights without the fist fights and porno scenes”. It gets far worse, as the entire track is worthy of quotation and its top 5 digs gracing a Genius Lines of the Week feature.

“Middling” is off Open Mike Eagle's Sir Rockabye EP, a title which he was granted access and told to own by Black Francis himself. Buy it at Open Mike Eagle's Bandcamp.