Open Mike Eagle revisited

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Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle's Art Rap Party dropped in May and despite the stellar year in rap, it has not been booted from my rotation. That's right, I still consider it, “too fucking brilliant and post-modernist for it to even have an impact in 2010.” If you have not been following along, Open Mike has kept the Art Rap Party going strong since its release with remixes from the record and he's throwing an Art Rap After Party before Christmas.

The latest remix Open Mike dropped on his website is for his collaboration with Alpha MC called “Mistakes,” which gets a dub treatment courtesy of Anti-MC. I can't help but think Open Mike cut the dreds a few weeks too soon, as he can no longer shake'em to this remix.

Speaking of haircuts, Open Mike Eagle's Art Rap After Party has a dedication to the red carpet trend-setting fashionistas strutting those a-symmetrical hair styles beyond the comprehension of a Super Cuts employee. Mush records is streaming “Haircut” and the rest of the After Party EP here. The EP includes “Everybody's Birthday,” which we first discussed here and fantastic raps like “I'll rock the Casbah and sock your grandma.”

Art Rap After Party is out December 21 on Mush.

Open Mike Eagle, “Mistakes” (feat. Alpha MC)(Anti-MC Remix)