Opin, S/T

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

In our bin of good news lies the new S/T by Opin – expertly comprised of Landis Wine, Tori Hovater, Jon Hawkins, and Ethan Johnstone – which is set to release tomorrow. But we tend to get our hands on advance streams of some of the best new releases, and we haven’t lowered our standards this time. After some beautiful words about their track “Flee” from GoldFlakePaint, we’re utterly certain that we’re not the only ones who are raving over this 10-track stunner.
The lazy, reverb-filled vocals in “Savored Assistance” set an almost ethereal tone with the album off the bat, rolling through the more light-hearted track “Flee” right into the heart-pumping bass found in third track “Diamond Edition”. And while “Crushed” moves along at a powerful clip with robust instrumentals, “Runners” begins with a more stripped down guitar that eventually blends in with instrumentals operating at a different tempo, creating the standout track on the album.
“Get Home” hits heavy from the beginning, reminding us of a quirky house party in Brooklyn we may or may not have found ourselves at in 2012. (Imagine a scene from Girls, and this song is perfect for that.) “Just Aight” possesses the most magnetic sound off the bat, while “Lift Canal” has “springtime single” written all over it. (So for the love of GOD, someone please play this on repeat?) The ironic title “Deep Thots” makes us laugh before we even hear the song, then the bass acts to captivate us throughout the piece. Opin rounds out S/T with the beautiful – almost effervescent – track “Dinged”, which we can only imagine closing out a music festival with, our eyes pointed toward the stars. The composition of the track itself is inspiring, and the vocals have almost a primal feel to them as the track guides you through its hip-swaying melody.

S/T is available for preorder now. Keep up with Opin here.