Opponents, I Swarm With A Thousand Bees

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opponents I Swarm With A Thousands Bees

Brooklyn noise stalwarts Opponents' latest CD-R on Obsolete Units is most-accurately titled I Swarm With A Thousand Bees. There's perhaps no noise project that sounds as much like an army of nocturnal crystalline wings oscillating in one seamless onslaught, let's say roving over rusted temples in the pre-morning dark.

The trio are responsible for a long trail of packaged carnage, including vinyl on Pendu Sound and a handful of tapes. Lookout for “Together We Will End the Future” CD-R which they say is coming soon on their Myspace, and until then, there are thousands of fluttering wings to be picked delicately from the overwhelming wrath of feedback that permeates I Swarm With A Thousand Bees. Get that from Obsolete Units.

Opponents, “Track 5” (From I Swarm With A Thousand Bees)