Oxymorrons, "Brunch"

Post Author: Andre G

It feels like the term “I don’t care” and most all variations mean nothing in 2018. We’re thankful that Oxymorron’s interpretation of not giving a f*ck isn’t an empty marketing statement, but about personal liberation and pushing sonic boundaries. That’s the vibe they’re pushing on “Brunch,” from the genre-bending sonic DNA of the track to the “do all the things” refrain repeated throughout the 3-minute track which recently dropped.
The track is dominated by a dramatic synth, a booming kick, and trip-hop drums. It displaying elements of rock, rap, and hip-hop, showcasing the Queens-based band’s versatility and endless influence. That boundary-pushing philosophy is why they’ve performed with acts from Lupe Fiasco to Rihanna to Waka Flocka. No matter the audience, the band delivers with the inspiring, contagious energy at play on “Brunch.” We should probably expect more of the same on their upcoming Gateway Drug album, which they’re putting the finishing touches on.
You can stream “Brunch” below.