P. Morris, Low EP

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“Son, I love you but no one in this world owes you shit,” goes a tough, motherly voice message in the opening of “Great Expectations” off Los Angeles producer P. Morris’ new EP. The tone in her voice is brutal yet undercut with maternal tenderness. So goes the Low EP, a brutal five song cycle, disjointed and disfigured in genre, in the nurturing hands of a caretaker.

P. Morris has worked the angles of his art in many ways since his debut in 2014. His Beloved release was unveiled via Chatroulette-type interactive 3D experience. While POP.MORRIS was a two-volume mega-mix of Girl Talkesque overdosing that aspired to metabolize all his influences into one location via edits, remixes, and manipulations. However, the Low EP picks up where Beloved left off to a degree. The Miles Bonny-led “Theme From Low” is a 48 second trumpet soliloquy that plays like a somber eulogy. P. Morris interrupts with rigged sonic stabs and industrial percussion that feels like fragmented cliff notes of Yeezus. By “Great Expectations” P. Morris has digressed to lightly glitched orchestral soul circa 1969 with Isaac Hayes’ “Walk On By” or the jazz fusion of David Axelrod. Closer “Bad Habits” hangs from the precipice with haunts of Bing Crosby’s “My Woman” (i.e., the sample from White Town’s “Your Woman”).

P. Morris is quiet so far in offering details to his Low EP. Repeat listens raise questions, conjure clues, and beg connections to be made. P. Morris has yet again worked the angles and in doing we must adapt once again to his calculations.

P. Morris’ Low EP is out now on Bear Club Music Group.