Paul and the Tall Trees, Our Love In The Light

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Paul and the Tall Trees‘ debut album, Our Love In The Light, will be released on October 21 via Big Crown Records.  The ten tracks span gentle, lyrical numbers to soulful songs with full-throated vocals by Paul Schalda.

“Once In A While” is the debut single off the album and is an example of the tender lyrics you expect from a seasoned song writer.  It starts with a single guitar and builds to layered music with harmonizing vocals.  It’s a treat for a first single.

A complete departure is “React”.  The lyrics are much more raw and urgent, while the music has a harmonica throughout the song that sounds as if you are on a train moving faster as the song progresses.

A favorite is “The Little Bit of Sunshine”, a tune that combines fine song writing with a gospel bent.  Schalda’s voice progresses from easy singing to husky peals at the end that seem to be pleading.  It’s a fantastic combination that leads you to want to listen to more.

Our Love In The Light will be out October 21. It is available for preorder now. Paul and The Tall Trees will have a release party Wednesday, November 9 at Berlin NYC.